Welcome to the UNESCO Chair ICH Experts database.

The Chair has developed this database so that people working in Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) related areas can contact each other, match research interests, exchange knowledge in their different fields of expertise and create working relationships. The Chair is not responsible for the content of the expert files as the sole responsibility lies with their authors.

How to consult the ICH Experts database?

In order to compose the ICH Experts database, practitioners have been asked to indicate their specific ICH fields of expertise (96 possible choices from which more than one can be indicated). You can search the database via advanced search options which allow you to narrow down your search using multiple variables (name, field of ICH expertise, institution, country, etc.).

Once you initiate a search for a specific set of records, you'll receive a list of search results. To see the whole record of an expert, just click on the view icon.


If you want to join the ICH Experts database, here comes some useful information:

Who is considered to be an expert?

Professionals, academics or PhD students with a high-level of expertise in ICH related fields of research and innovation. The Chair does not recommend or endorse any particular expert.

Who will have access to your profile?

Your profile will be open to the public and available on-line. At the end of the form, you will have to confirm that you agree to the online display of your data. If you do not press the confirmation button, your file will not enter the database.

How do you register as an expert?

Use the «User registration» link and fill out the complete online form. Registration is open to experts of any nationality, but the form should be filled out in English.

How can you update you profile?

Registered experts can complete or update their profile at any time by logging-in to this portal. Without continuous updating, this database will be of little use.

What do you have to do if you want to remove your data from the database?

Login and use the delete icon to remove your record from the ICH Experts database.